What if Aliens in a Nearby UFO were Watching Us?

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15 January 2010- http://www.allnewsweb.com/page119992990.php

Opinion piece by Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

The observation of UFOs and mysterious lights in the sky prior to devastating earthquakes has been well documented by researchers. A number of scholars of UFO and extraterrestrial issues have already started documenting sightings preceding the disastrous events that just took place in the nation of Haiti.

Had benevolent aliens been watching the catastrophe as it unfolded they would have no doubt truly wished they could have intervened for the sake of the victims. However ancient laws that govern the relations between galactic and inter-galactic civilizations would not have permitted them to do so under any circumstances.

As a partially contacted race, humanity is required to be left to deal with it’s own tragedies. At a time when it is felt that we are deemed sufficiently ready to join the inter-galactic community of evolved civilizations indeed ETs will openly reveal their presence to earthlings in an unambiguous manner. This moment, of course, may not come if we, in the final instance, are judged fatally flawed from a moral perspective and therefore beyond redemption and unsuitable for enlightened, universal existence.

In such a case we will be left to destroy ourselves as all incurably selfish beings end up doing. It has not been unknown for civilizations to even be humanely put down by ET observers in the event that their very existence if regarded as a threat to the essential harmony that should permeate the universe.

Secret government departments that carefully conceal their knowledge of alien affairs have been informed of this possibility. Therefore undoubtedly aliens are currently observing our ability to rise above our self-centred nature and right historic wrongs.

The word ‘unlucky’ is often used to describe the nation of Haiti, but does that nation’s share of human misery really have anything to do with luck?

Many would argue that indeed Planet Earth is in the grip of a powerful conspiracy. Western nations hell-bent on monopolising the earth’s wealth and generally wanting nothing less than planetary supremacy have created a paradigm whereby those they seek to dominate and deprive are forced to live in second-rate and less endowed locations. Moreover, they are robbed of the high-tech ability to defend themselves from natural disaster or medically treat themselves in the event of disaster.

Racists will often put forward the totally unsubstantiated notion that certain groups are simply more talented or capable than others.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, what we are dealing with is a ‘Trading Places’ style set of circumstances where one group happened to get the upper hand at one point in time and used this window of opportunity to set up the playing field in such a manner that would put others in a centuries long poverty trap. Within this paradigm everything has been done to ensure the dominance of those associated with the West.

When a group was discriminated against to the extent that those of African descent in the Americas were, everything that might ensure the groups success is declared war on.

While Europeans pursued aggressively eugenic educational strategies, for centuries Africans were deliberately conspired against in this respect and denied all opportunities to better themselves.

Deliberate foreign policies were put in place to make sure nations such as Haiti would never prosper. Europeans, quick to project their own thought patterns and paranoia on others, perceived a prosperous neighbor as a threat.

Now of course, the Islamic world has become victim to these schemes. How absurd that Muslims are regarded as ‘violent’ and ‘dangerous’ by Europeans who lack the ability, or will, to look in a mirror and see their own actions!

Perhaps indeed it is the peacefulness of the Islamic world that so threatens the west?

In Australia, no one who has actually met Aborigines could deny that the group possesses a unique wisdom. Sadly a situation was created whereby Aborigines were humiliated and then made to look as if they were stupid, therefore justifying the daylight theft of their land.

Why were aborigines stupid? Because they had no interest in the vainglorious, materialistic and egotistical white pursuits of the accumulation of personal wealth.

As bizarre as it may sound to some, the West has even conspired against animals in an attempt to degrade them and justify the slaughterhouses they are forced to occupy. We refer to unintelligent people as sheep, however domestic sheep along with all their attributes were the result of deliberate breeding patterns enforced on them by men and designed to make them as controllable as possible.

Undoubtedly insufficient aid will be given to the Haitian population. However, what if benevolent aliens in a nearby UFO were watching and waiting to see if human beings could really help others. In this case the joke may be on us: those who inhabit the West.

It is unlikely that aliens will openly reveal themselves to us and induct us into a universal community of civilisation until we show a genuine ability to be altruistic.

President Obama Barack would have by now been briefed on some of the issues aliens have raised in regards to humanity. It is no co-incidence that in the United States at least, the history of civil rights and anti-discriminatory measures correlate to the first mass sightings of UFOs. No doubt humans in contact with alien races are pleading for patience and a step-by-step approach. Benevolent aliens such as the Andromedans have indeed been patient.

UFO researchers might be concerned with the fact that Andromedans might not confuse token gestures and window dressing for substance and a real change in values.

Hello world!

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